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The 5 Things You Need For A Summer Wedding

Having a summer wedding can be the best option for many people because it offers you sunny days and the chance to wear that wedding dress that you really like. However, if you are going to have a summer wedding, there are certain things that you need. These things will ensure that the wedding is a complete success and that the whole wedding party has a good time.

Having Shaded Areas

When you are having a summer wedding, you will generally have it outside. This means that you need to provide shaded areas. If you are going to have the ceremony outside in the summer, you need to have shade for the bride and groom. You should also consider shading for the guests as they sit through the ceremony.

If you are only having the reception outside, you will still need to look at shaded areas. A tent or marquee for dinner is recommended to ensure that all of your guests are comfortable for the meal You can hire one at, you can also check out their reviews over on their Facebook. If you are not going to have a formal meal, you need to ensure that there is enough shade for the buffet and for guests to relax. Not having any shade will cause problems because everyone will get too hot.

Use Lighter Tones

When you have a summer wedding, you need to have the right color scheme. Lighter colors are recommended for these weddings as they offer a lighter and airier feel to the ceremony and reception. Darker tones will contrast the season and could heat up during the ceremony which will make the wedding party hotter.

The colors that you should consider will be bold light colors such as bright yellow and blue. You should also look at using pastel colors as they are lighter and give the best view of the space. Coral colors are also a good option for a summer wedding.

Summer Time Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are something that you need to consider and they should be something that your guests will be able to use. If you have a summer wedding, you should look at favors which match this. You also need to consider what you can offer which will make your guests more comfortable for the entire ceremony and reception.

Some of the best wedding favors for summer weddings will be parasols, sunglasses and fans. These items can keep your guests cool during the ceremony and ensure that they are comfortable and not glaring into the sun. These items will also double as favors that your guests are able to take home with them and use in the future.

Food For The Season

The food that you have at your wedding should also match the season. Summer foods will help everyone stay comfortable and will cool them off. This is something that you carefully need to consider and will often help you save money.

You do not want to provide warm liquor or a heavy red wine at a summer wedding because this will make your guests uncomfortable. You should look at a chilled rose or white wine instead. These wines will keep your guests cool while they drink and will generally be cheaper. You should also look at lighter foods and avoid the heavy meals that you would have in the cold winter months.

Flower That Withstand The Heat

You are going to want flowers at your summer wedding because they will add to the overall ambiance. When you do not want is for the flower to wilt in the heat and look very sad by the time you have the reception. This is why you need to look at flowers that will withstand the heat.

You should talk to your florist about flowers that will withstand the heat in your area. They could suggest from local flowers that will be perfect and will generally be more budget friendly. Succulents will be ideal as they are very heat resistant and you will want to avoid hydrangeas as they cannot cope with the heat. Tropical flowers such as garden roses, orchids and sunflowers will also withstand the heat.

There are a lot of things that you need to have for a summer wedding. The right colors and ways to keep your guests cool are essential. You should also consider the impact that the weather will have on the ceremony and reception.

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