About Bella Giornata

Bella Giornata is a boutique wedding & event planning company founded by Christina Moore based in historic Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Our design studio is the ideal place to relax, discuss visions and dreams while easily meeting with your vendors.  We love all aspects of an event, the decor, the food, the music, the guests so we have made it our goal to provide one place where we can meet & know every aspect is covered. Our design studio is always a buzz with DIY clinics teaching about tablescapes, centerpieces, invites, florals, take home favors, etc. It is also available for private parties (showers) where we make something for the wedding with some help from your besties. The studio is also home to vendors that utilize the space to create or meet with clients. Essentially, stress-free, almost one stop shopping to plan the event you’ve dreamed of. Running around, guessing prices with a list of questions just isn’t the way we want you to anticipate your day. We allow you to enjoy the journey, have the moments planning with a laugh or lunch surrounded by loved ones.

Our heartbeat is providing you with the best experience from first call or email through waving goodbye as you wish your last guest goodnight.

Bella Giornata means beautiful day in Italian, we all have a handful of those days that will live with us forever. They will be passed on in family tales and pictures will be shown on holidays when you gather for years to come. We have the pleasure of making dreams come true for weddings, showers, birthdays & retirements. We are even humbled to plan fundraisers and events which change lives and provide so much for the community.

Being creative allows us to be a bit quirky sometimes, so it’s a lot of fun! Staying ahead of trends and coloring outside the lines makes our studio an inspiring place to hang out.

So please, visit our gallery, like us on Facebook and read the reviews for yourself. Then give us a call, I’d love to hear your vision over a cup of coffee.

Our Process

Lets get to the point, You’re amazing and your BIG DAY is going to be one for the books!

Our process is pretty simple. We are a creative yet completely type A team that prides themselves on thinking outside of the box.

We meet, we ask you some questions that won’t make sense to you (it’s my process remember?), we plan, we budget, we meet again to make some decisions, we create, we have fun, we work hard, then we watch as you and your framily (get it, friends & family) swoon over all we do!

Why A Planner? We listen to many people say “What does a planner do?”, “Shouldn’t I find all of my vendors first?” The only analogy I have is there are very few people that when building a home sub contract every aspect themselves, apply for their own permits, draw their own plans, oversee all aspects of building. They need it to be in budget and on time and it is rarely going to work if they are sub contracting and doing it themselves. They hire a builder- the builder takes their vision for their dream home and they hire the right team to make it happen, with respect to budget and have them moving in on time. I am your wedding builder. It’s that simple. We pair you with the vendors who are experts in their field and want to deliver that dream home as much as I do.

We spend many years building vendor relationships to learn what style of florist I will be contacting to make your dreams come to life. I know what venues fit the bill and are in budget, I know what caterers specialize in the cuisine your guests will enjoy and will keep you exactly where you need to be bottom line. We are creatives that can see the end result while you’re looking at an empty room that could never possibly look like a lush forest. Not only do we see it but we bring it to your guests. We plan the logistics, the what-ifs, the uh-oh’s and the just for added surprise! Planning an event can be time consuming and stressful. Many times it requires working with a board or group that have different ideas, we navigate & ensure everyone is excited!  We utilize our  resources and save you time and money.

How will you know if Bella Giornata is for you?

Things we love that you might love too
  • Amazing Signature Drinks
  • Pinterest/Etsy
  • DIY Workshops
  • Dance-offs
  • Edible favors
  • Food trucks
  • Gorgeous pictures
  • Dresses that make us teary eyed
  • Late night snacks
  • Brunch
  • Local gems- venues, food,decor
  • Style me pretty, green wedding shoes
  • Understated Elegance
  • Salted caramel
  • Photo booths
  • Making your friends swoon
Not so much…
  • Keg Stands
  • Zillas- Bride, groom, mom, whomever
  • Pictures of people holding their phones in the air… We’ve got the pics covered, thanks 🙂 Enjoy the wedding please.
  • Stale wedding cake (we know people that won’t let that happen)
  • Crashers
  • Trying too hard
  • Spam email
  • Disposable cameras
  • Chapstick favors (I’m sorry if you had them)(I know, they were cute, they even had the date)(I said i’m sorry)
  • Running out of reception in hopes Taco Bell is still open
  • STRESS 🙁